Friday, June 26, 2015

Whack a What?

We have a new entertainment center in our town. Yesterday the grands visited it and among the many games is one that is a cross between swinging the hammer at the carnival and Whack a Mole. Our E. played it several times, swiping the card that one buys. The card is loaded with a certain amount of chances to operate any game in the place. Too easy and the announcement says "Too easy." Too hard and it will announce that. Well, she won the jackpot twice. When she went to the counter to choose what loot she could take home, the young man said he had never seen anyone hit the jackpot before! E. chose two of each prize and gave the extra one to L. What a nice sister! Two grumpy cats, Ninja swords, bows and arrows and another I am forgetting. Fun afternoon in where it was cool. Oh yes, bowling was involved earlier. Laser tag, bumper cars and other games waited for another day.

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