Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mom and Me

This was probably taken in September, 1931, when my parents adopted me. Mother's Day is a sad day for the mothers who had to give up their babies. The mothers who were able to adopt and raise those children as their own are to be blessed. They were made happy and they never forget the loss that the birth mother feels. I was told that two years after I was born, my birth mother wanted to try and find me but HER mother told her that would not be right. Not for her or the new mother or the baby. Those words were from the birth grandmother and told to me by that wise woman when we connected and she was in her late nineties. I am thankful to all three women.


  1. Great old photo! Did you ever meet your birth mother? It takes a really strong woman to give up a child, I cannot imagine the heartache. I am glad you got a good family:)

    1. No. Birth mother died in her fifties but I did meet the birth grandmother and we had some great "visits."