Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Adventure and Road Work

This morning we went to the shopping center five miles southwest of our town. We found orange cones and lots of road work. After our big purchases of giant sunflower seeds and castor bean seeds, we decided to head back to the big city on a dirt road. All went well until we turned to drive a mile to a blacktop. Straight ahead in the center of the road was a road grader. First thought: what am I going to do with this big van? The ditch? Suddenly I saw a driveway to a private home. Besides the drive, there was a circular area and I was able to turn around and did not have to back out onto the road! R. says God was looking out for us. Luck or God, I was very thankful to see that drive.


  1. Must be time to plant! That road grader can go around vehicles:)

    1. The road was SO narrow and that blade looked SO wide! :(