Monday, May 11, 2015


With all the time spent on Mother's Day, here is a remembrance of my dad, Dewey Russell Brown. He was born in 1898 on May 11th. He and Mom were married on the same date in 1928 and often Mother's Day was on the same day or near by! It stretched my 50 cents an hour pay from S. H. Kress to cover all the bases at one time. Dad was sensitive about his age. He is sixty-five in this photo from their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary photos and I think he looks very good for that age. He lived to be eighty-three and still looked younger than his years. We found his application for a hunting license in the stock of a rifle and he even fudged about his age when he was twenty-two! That is the only thing that I ever knew about him to be less than honest. He worked for the Kansas Power and Light as a lineman and later a foreman. Called out in all kinds of weather and restoring power is an important job and was the reason that he was classified with some odd number (4-C?) for the draft. He joked he was two young for the first war and too old for the second. He was a great role model because he treated my mother like I wanted to be treated as a wife. When she went back to nursing during the war, he did vacuuming, cleaning and just general helping around the house long before that was a common thing. I miss him.

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