Friday, November 28, 2014


After yesterday's problem with the tough roast, we decided we needed some knives that would
actually cut something.
L. found a coupon in an ad for a local store - 50% off anything in the store not on sale and under $30.
Perfect! We found a set of knives for 19.95. Marching (shuffling) to the cashier, we
presented our coupon.
"Sorry, these are on sale."  She was so sweet and I know she felt bad refusing these two elderly
customers. So L. produces another coupon for $5.00 off anything in the store over $30.
Still did not apply.
We gave here $21.57 (tax included) and came home with our bargain.
We have found that now that we are older, clerks seem so much nicer. We have our money
ready and our discount cards out at Kroger's. No waiting on fumbling helps a bunch.


  1. Be very careful while using these. They are very sharp and the handles are slippery when wet. I have cut my hand over and over again with similar ones. The tip of one broke and dropped into the food....we might have eaten it if I hadn't been paying attention.

  2. OM goodness! I will be extra careful!