Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Each year our quilters' group drew names and made a gift for one of the seven in the bunch.
Roberta drew my name once and I was so happy to get one of her embroidery beauties.
Most of our efforts were quilts so this was a nice surprise.
We don't meet any longer. Four of us are still here.  Two of us are still quilting and two who gave it up after stiff joints and old eyes became a problem.
We miss Regina, Roberta and Barb.
It was a great group and there are lots of happy memories of good food, laughter and sewing.


  1. I was in a group like that too. We would gather and work on our various projects...encouraging each other. We no longer get together to do this, but we remain friends...though several are gone.

    1. Such a great thing to share and help each other. We did that too. And some food!