Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Internet Service Provider

We have had the same provider of TV, phone and internet for seven years.
Sometimes when it rains or a little snow falls, we lose the phone and internet. This happened Saturday morning.
Occasionally the connections reappears but that did not happen this last time. I used the cell phone to call the help number and after the usual press 1, 2 or 3 process, I just resorted to repeatedly pressing 0 and reached a live person. She was very helpful; we tried a few things but there was no service. She advised a service man would be out to test WEDNESDAY. Remember, this was Saturday.

What if I had a business to run (I don't.) What if I didn't own a cell phone (I do.)
After a quiet Sunday, I decided to try another call. This time I reached a tech in Arizona who had me try a completely different set of procedures. It restored the connection.

In addition, we will receive credit for the days we were "out" and the repairman will still come to check the outside box and wiring. This young man could not believe how long we were to wait for a visit from the local tech. He checked some sort of schedule and decided we must have only one repairman for this whole area!

I feel very fortunate to have reached someone who really knew things to try that might solve the outage. I requested to speak to his supervisor and left a message that I hope will give him some extra points on his record - or a gold star. . . whatever their method is for recognition of a job well done.


  1. What a mess! That's why I had my land line taken out and just use my cell phone. At least you finally got your service restored.

  2. So glad you are up and running again. I always shudder when I have to call tech support or customer service. The waiting...then talking to someone who doesn't know their product...it's exasperating sometimes.

  3. Glad you are back online...frustrating when stuff doesn't work like it should:)