Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Breeze-way

 We have lived in this house almost
six years. This is our front storm door.
 We wondered why there was no screen for the storm
door so that we could let fresh air in through it. After all, there was a channel where one could
fit a screen in if one had a screen. None were in the garage.
 This past week-end when our
family from Texas  was here for the fair, Miss M. (no, not Bette) showed us the secret of the door.
We are so happy and as always, glad to know that the younger ones are many times
smarter than the older ones.  There is a simple lever that releases the top glass which
lowers and brings down a screen that is rolled up like a window shade!
None of us had ever seen one like it before.
Thanks, Mad!
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  1. What is that hideous, demonic shape crouching on the sofa?

  2. You missed her twin on the floor. Put on your specs.