Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flowers from Oregon with Dew

These are so beautiful.
They almost make me forget that I have lived long enough to
remember buying two milkshakes at twenty-five cents each
plus one cent sales tax. And the part that wouldn't
fit in the glass was given to you in a large, frosty metal container.
Does one consider they have been around too long
when two milkshakes cost seven dollars and ninety-eight cents
plus sixty-three cents tax?

If we had waited until after 8 p.m., we could have paid
half price.
We were out and about at the wrong time.
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  1. Beautiful flowers and photo of them! I most certainly do remember those milkshakes. It was a great feeling to know that when you finished your glass, that you still had some left! Many years ago, I bought a shake mixer with the big metal container and have used it many times.

    1. I think I remember that Fred Waring (who also had an orchestra) invented the Waring Blender!