Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Help Needed

I've tried all these for "chigger relief."
No matter which one I use, it's only temporary.

The smell of spearmint, eucalyptus oil, known for its healing power
according to the label on the Novum APR, and menthol
brings back some very old memories.
When I was in junior high, my grandparents came to live
with us. There must have been a form of Absorbine Jr.
or some kind of liniment available to relieve arthritis.
My grandmother used it.
The whole house smelled of it.

I'm afraid it's the same here now. Thank goodness the bites will heal
eventually and so far - no arthritis to treat. I hope the smell is gone by
Wednesday when we are expecting guests.
I may be burning some candles.
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