Saturday, November 17, 2012

Take a Friend to Starbuck's

I just happened to notice that Starbuck's was having a special Nov. 15-18 for their three Christmas "flavors." Two drinks for the price of one. So I called Miss Linda and we thought it might be very crowded at 2:00 so we met at 3:00.
Not too many people! We ordered, grabbed a table and waited for our order - Carmel Brulee for her and Peppermint Mocha for me (what else?)  There was also a Gingerbread that didn't appeal to either one of us.
A moment before we were served, a long line of girls appeared. They may have been an athletic team and they filled the place with enthusiasm.  Very well behaved....
And after that the crowd was steady. It probably remained that way until 5:00 which was the hour it ended.

We had arrived just in time to avoid the long wait. Our coffee was good and it was so nice to see Linda after she was over her cold. (We avoid each other when we are ailing.)

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