Saturday, October 20, 2012

Never Leave Home Without One

This is a jump start device.
In case the battery dies, this will get you started.

Day before yesterday I drove to Yoder with a friend. We met another there and had lunch at the Carriage Crossing (the chicken fried chicken is quite good.)
No car problems at all. In fact we seldom do have any incidents.
That night we made a trip to the Hospital emergency room. Again all was well. Yesterday I went to the grocery store. I thought the starter seemed to hesitate but got home ok.
I told the other half and of course he went out to try to start the van. Nothing. Thankfully, the van was in the garage instead of ten miles south of town or in the Dillon parking lot!
Someone was looking over us or it was just plain luck because this piece of equipment was right there in the garage, not on board when I was driving. He used it to start the van this morning at 7:00 to go buy a battery.
I think we will continue to leave it in the vehicle from now on. A very good $59 investment!

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