Monday, October 22, 2012

Coats for Dogs

A couple of years ago I made a coat for our dog,  from an old sweat shirt with the message,
"BloomWhere You're Planted."  This white shirt fit Jill but poor Jack had no coat.
Today I used an old pair of sweat pants with retired elastic
and made one for Jack.
The first time we tried the white one on Jill it seemed to really calm her down.
In case you haven't seen the ad on tv, there  is an item called
"Thunder Coat." The claim is that it will calm dogs when they are stressed
from whatever cause.
I hope we just saved $39.95 twice although in Jack's case he is already calm
and thinks everything over for a couple of minutes before he does anything;
eat or come when he's called (ha)
Posted by PicasaI hope they don't realize they are not as stylish as they would be in the purchased coats.

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