Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We like salmon patties.  So I looked for a new way to make them. (who needs a recipe for salmon patties? Evidently I do.) I found many options called Salmon Croquettes. I guess that is what they call them in fancy restaurants.  My mom called them patties and so do I.
I found one with some added ingredients to make them a little different - can of corn, diced green pepper, onion and ketchup. Everything went well until I tried to flip them. Discovered my one and only spatula was in the middle of a dish washer cycle so I used a pie server and a spoon.

Let's just say we had Scrambled Salmon Patties but they were very good.

 Oh, and I forgot to include the ketchup.

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  1. I've had them made many different ways, and pretty much liked them all...