Monday, June 18, 2012

The Non-Battle over the Thermostat

It's cool this morning. Furnace is fired up while the other half takes a shower.

Later the A/C will be cranked to keep us cool while outside the temperture flirts with one hundred.

I never touch the control. It's set to automatically control the temperature but someone else believes in helping. A friend said, "Doesn't that thermostat belong partly to you too?" My answer: "May be but I don't touch it."

I know how to pick my battles.


  1. I totally understand this one! These days (about a year), my wife is prone to huge swings when it comes to hot and cold. I think it's freezing (and it is), but she's burning up. The same is true at the other end of the thermometer. I've learned a thing or two during our marriage. One of them is that I'm not going to win a battle over whether or not it's hot or cold...

  2. Tell your Mrs. to hang in there. It does go away (I'm happily past those days (years).