Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Odd old thoughts

I was thinking about old "sayings" that I never hear anymore after reading a blog about that subject. The example was pin money. Many of those who commented had never heard the term. They mentioned milk money and mad money.

My example is something my granny used to say - shank's mare.  I wonder how many people have used or heard that term lately.

My dad used to say our bathroom wasn't big enough to cuss a cat in.....I always thought that was funny. How much room to you need to cuss? He also said that  since I had long legs, I looked like a "shyed poke."  I don't even know how to spell that one. Shied?

A tow headed child - I remember thinking my mom must have meant the kid had a head shaped like a toe.

The weather is so springlike it must be affecting my memory.

After using google, I found shite-poke.  Here is the explanation in a quote from someone else looking for the origin:

Finally, I tried Google. Up popped a nature writer’s blog on a green heron, including a photo of a specimen in the process of unloading a large deposit of, shall we say, nature’s fertilizer. She commented that the photo was particularly appropriate because a common name for the bird is shite-poke, which is an old-fashioned way of saying “bag [poke] of excrement.”
No German there. Just some good, old fashioned, earthy American English. Apparently our ancestors named the bird based on what they observed.

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