Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dog Coats

We tried on the dog coats this morning.  The white one is from an old sweatshirt and is too big for Jill. The red and yellow one is crocheted and almost too small for Jack.

Lee and I saw an ad somewhere for a "calming" wrap for a dog.
I had never heard of such a thing but guess what?

These do the job. Jill, the lively one, never moved after we put it on and Jack also just lay there, happy or subdued - not sure which.  What a concept.  Sort of like swaddling a newborn baby.
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  1. My little dog used to be calm when she wore her coat. I would leave it on her in the house during the winter.It must give them a secure feeling. Thanks for the visit today.. Balisha

  2. Is it cold enough there to wear sweaters or are their (ACTUAL) coats not very thick?