Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes Things Work Out

I wasn't due for this monthly treatment until Thursday morning. The weather forecast is for 6" of snow on the ground by then. I tried to call the pod where this is done and no answer for almost an hour. Soooo we just drove out there and I told them I was wondering if they could get me in earlier. Great news - two patients had cancelled today! I got in at 1:00 and out at 4:15. Those nurses are the greatest. Friendly, efficient, and full of good humor.
BTW, this "stuff" is working. The count it is trying to raise went from 400 to 900 in just under a year.
Optimum is 700-1600 so I'm in the good range.
It has to do with the immune system but I'm still not sure what they are counting.
P.S. The phone man was also checking the phones on the 4100 pod while I was there. I guess others had been trying to get through for quite some time.Posted by Picasa

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