Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am not good at hiding things. Physical objects or my feelings. If you saw the meat drawer with bacon and sausage, would you have even noticed the aluminum covered paper plate below it? L. did, as soon as he opened the fridge.
He left to run an errand and I ran (not literally) to the kitchen to fix a relish plate for the Big Game. Carrots, celery with cream cheese and for me celery with peanut butter.) Carefully covering the plate with foil, I slipped into the MEAT drawer, thinking, he'll never see it there. All that meat is for breakfast which was over. . . today just doughnuts and coffee.
So as soon as he returned and went for a drink, he opened the MEAT drawer, pulled out the aluminum covered plate saying, "This is probably something that needs to be thrown away." I don't know what he thought when he saw my carefully prepared veggie tray, but I know what I thought when he said it should probably be thrown out.
Happy Super Bowl Day.
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