Thursday, December 23, 2010

Technical Lesson

This is our friendly neighborhood Sprint store. Four trips there yesterday and even with their help, I still have no email on my Blackberry. It's not my phone, it's not my fault etc. but if I had not tried to change my password, this would not have happened.
I have always been told it is a good idea to change your passwords frequently. I have trouble remembering all of them so I have not followed that advice. The first time I try it causes failure of email to arrive on my phone.
The explanation that the trouble is between Yahoo and Sprint doesn't convince me. I should learn to leave well enough alone.
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  1. Those dirty, rotten so-and-so's...

  2. lol I don't blame them. But why do they have trouble now with Yahoo. . . no problems before.

  3. They will give any excuse to keep from having to admit it's their fault.

    By the way, nice blog, Marlu.