Sunday, May 9, 2010


Lately I've been thinking - thinking too much is not always good, as I've preached to others.

My thinking is about all the things that come to mind when I'm interacting with others and just living life.
I may be a living a hypocrite's existence. I seldom say the thing that has just popped into my head. This doesn't happen all the time - just when someone says something that I believe to be totally unfair, untrue or absolutely out of the realm of common sense.

Am I being completely dishonest? Does this show that I am basically a cruel person? I have always felt that I didn't want to "hurt" anybody's feelings. And at times I have done that without meaning to. On the other hand, a wise person told me that if you don't speak up when you disagree, the person you are with will think you are in agreement with them.

A long time ago I had a discussion with a dear friend who believed if you thought a swear word, it was just as bad as saying it. I disagreed, saying that thinking it and NOT saying it showed self control and that only you and God knew that you had thought it. The people present hadn't heard it and so weren't affected. Finally, after much thought (too much thinking?) she agreed with me. Wow! The power of persuasion!

You'd thinking having reached the 80th decade, I would have figured this out - what to say and how to react to remain in other's good graces.

Limited emotional development and thinking too much must be the answer.

What does the photo of the dog sleeping under the bed have to do with this blog? Maybe he's thinking about something important and has found a quiet place to do it. I may join him in the guest room.
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