Saturday, May 15, 2010

School for Sale

We drove by Roosevelt School, built in 1920, and it has a For Sale sign out front.
For a while the building was used as a church.

It seems to be built like the other buildings of that era - built to last! I hope someone can find a good use for it.

Our local high school, which was built about the same time, was purchased, partially demolished (the auditorium was the first to go) and after plans for apartments for older folks didn't work out, the rest of it was torn down.

This starts a sad list of buildings we have lost. The Wolcott Building which was said to have been the first air conditioned office building west of the Mississippi, also was torn down for a park. The Bisonte Hotel, a Harvey House, also was destroyed.

There are good things going on here, however. Carey Park improvements; new streets in Hyde Park to replace bumpy bricks; downtown upgraded; new buildings at the fairgrounds; Sylvan Park greatly improved (and renamed George Pyle Park); the old Grace Hospital being refurbished for aparments. We are fortunate that people are investing in our town. There are still many areas of town that could use indivual attempts to update. For instance, fresh paint.
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  1. We should buy that and then have a HUGE house every time we come up to visit!

  2. Good idea! The problem would be heating it in the winter and cooling it in the summer.