Friday, January 8, 2010

Moving Files

With a new plastic file folder replacing the old black file folder, I found some interesting things. There was also a bunch of stuff that never needed to be filed!

One was a New Year Letter from 1970. I do not believe this was ever sent through the US Mail. Fortunately there was no email then. Maybe now is the time to share this.
To you who are mentioned here, this was all in fun..... Love you all!

Dear Folks,
After almost no request for correspondence, we decided to send out a New Year letter.

L. has just about finished a longdrawn out project refinishing the kitchen cabinets. After two weeks of work, he ony has the upper ones done and they look almost the same as when he started. The new black Early American hardware is nice, but he thinks he may have permanently damaged the wood with the stripping compound. We hope he can get the lower cabinets to match.

M. is behind in band and because of neglecting his practicing he went down to last chair. He is now practicing each evening during the Walter Cronkite news and hopes to work his way back up by the time school is out.

P. is in the third grade and can't tell a printed d from a b. (The teacher says this is normal) He had one line in the Christmas program which was over an hour long.

M.L. got a dishwasher in July but the kitchen is still always a mess because she never has time to load it. In the same month she got a new stove which will do everything but we still eat out an average of five times a week (counting lunch at the A & W and L.'s breakfasts at the Red Carpet.

She also plays bridge once a week and can't remember to name a five card suit - she's been playing since last February.

The dog is housebroken but that's about all. He runs out the front door every time it's opened if you don't hold him back and we have to chase him all over the neighborhood.

L. isn't too well. He's been playing handball and feels he permantly injured his shoulder last summer trying to open a window that he painted shut when we repainted the house after the hail storm. All of us helped him shingle the roof. If you don't look straight up at it, you don't see the crooked rows too much.

Both cars ('56 Buick and '65 Buick) are about to fall apart but we can't afford new ones. M.L. wants a VW bus so she can shift gears but L. won't let her have it because they aren't air conditioned.

We also got new white vinyl on the kitchen floor but the boys leave black heel marks on it from their shoes so it doesn't look too nice. M.L. really wanted kitchen carpet but knew if it didn't prove satisfactory, she would never hear the end of it.

Good luck in 1970! The N. family
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  1. that was single handedly the most depressing letter in the entire world! who was that to?

  2. That was not sent to anybody. It was a joke making fun of the Christmas letters people send out telling all the wonderful things that they have done the last year!
    A little humor (?)