Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fashions of the past

This is a picture of my dad, Dewey, and his brother, Lee, taken around 1900. Lee was twenty-one months older. I know; except for the pants, they resemble girls. This was the accepted style for boys at the time.
I remember reading an article on General MacArthur in which the author stated that MacArthur's mother let his hair grow into long curls as a toddler. He tried to connect the hair style to MacArthur's personality in later life - as though the general was somehow unique. He was a unique historical figure, all right, but it wasn't because of his long curls.
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  1. Hmm this somewhat reminds me of Uncle Paul and dad and I see the resemblance too :) Seems to me that Nutterfield men have always been somewhat feminine.

  2. Ha Ha, Miss Taylor. These were men from my side of the family - name of Brown!

  3. Taylor, you are grounded!!