Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Old Bananas

So yesterday was bake banana bread day. I have had this recipe for a long time. It was given to me by a high school friend who lived with her grandmother. So Mrs. Baxter must have been at least 60 in 1947. *
It is an old recipe.     ( I do not put wax paper in the bottom of the pan.)

*I searched for Mrs. Baxter's husband on the internet because he was a park commissioner in our town and found HER obituary...She was born in 1886 so was 61 in 1947. It's amazing what you can find when looking for something else.


  1. Hello Marylou! Thank you for the visit and comment. I'll bet your banana bread was yummy. And great penmanship on that recipe card. I've been on the computer so long, my handwriting is now atrocious! The downside of technology. Enjoy the good eats!

  2. Had written recipes are becoming collectable! I have never made Banana Bread, we seem to scarf down the bananas before they are too far gone. Have you heard about the trick to put tin foil on the ends and it slows the ripening:)

    1. No, I hadn't heard that! I will definitely try it though.