Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Frying Pan

Since 1952, we've gone from a United States product, "I just love Revere Ware," to skillets of T Fal , skillets from France, Indonesia, and now China. The newest is the Chinese Starfrit which is supposed to be stick-free but has a rough, textured surface. We'll see.

Could it be my cooking skills or lack of them that makes the pans no longer stick free?


  1. I find the more expensive pans last longer. I had a few el cheapo that stuck and then peeled...I threw them out. You will have to tell us how it works for you:)

    1. This one was $19.95. I saw one from a tv chef who is very "perky" for $29.95. Maybe I should have spent the extra ten bucks but I figured it was because her name was on it.

  2. I bought a ceramic skillet and it is truly non stick. $20.00 too although it's a small one. I only needed a small one.