Saturday, November 9, 2013

11th and Main Street

There is a proposal for a Dollar General Store on this corner. Across the street is part of the Hutchinson Clinic. To the south is a small office complex so there are some businesses in the area.

However, this type building will not be compatible with the area. Some offers have been made to make the exterior something besides vertical sheet metal but nothing in writing yet.

The other crime is that they plan to tear down that magnificent residence to make room for more parking.  What a disappointment to lose more of our historical homes in a nice little city.
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The city council turned down by a vote of 5 - 0 the request for a change of classification!  No Dollar General there.  There are other places in town including vacant buildings that could be used!


  1. No!!!! How could they tear that home down for a Dollar General??? I absolutely hate tear-downs (there are many around us). This is so wrong.

  2. We've had way too much of it here. They tore down an original Harvey House known as the Bisonte Hotel. The name was given to it because it was built on the site where buffalo bones were stored after those terrible round-ups. It was beautiful. Also an office building called The Wolcott, known as the first air conditioned building west of the Mississippi. (Don't know if that is true or not.) It is wrong!

  3. That's a crime! What a great looking house. In a couple of weeks we'll in an area where they are trying to restore a Harvey House (Needles, Ca).