Monday, September 17, 2012

Grandma Before She Was a Grandma

 One of my favorite pasttimes in a former life:  crocheting.

Notice the small tv, the empty glass and the junk on the round table.

That round oak table was always something I wanted after we had seen one at our landlord's home in Russell. They had cut the pedestal down, limed it to blonde and used it for a coffee table

After we moved to Hutchinson, a friend and co-worker of L. liked to go to auctions and he found one for us.  He paid a whole $11.00 for it. It has claw feet and is still in good condition. I am so glad we didn't cut it down. We use it for our  dining room table with a homemade leaf and can seat six.
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  1. And no mention of the Vulcan hairdo??

  2. I still have it - only in a different shade!