Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ready for Winter

L. finished enclosing the back porch with plastic. After our first year here when we  had a big snow storm that filled our deck/porch with drifts of snow, we decided that blocking the north side would be a good thing.
That idea sort of grew to include all three sides which makes for a warm spot to have morning coffee when it's 32 degrees outside!
So we are all plastiqued in.
Wait. That may not be the right term.
Yep, the dictionary says plastique is form of explosive.

We are simply enclosed by plastic.
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  1. Hi Mary Lou, Thanks for coming by my place and leaving a comment. This looks like a great idea. I sure do hate to see winter come. We had frost here the past 2 mornings already! I enjoyed visiting and checking out your blog. Have a great week.