Saturday, July 17, 2010

Road trip

Yesterday we took what was to be a short trip to Marquette to the Motorcycle Museum. Many motorcycles of all ages and types to see. The amazing thing we found was a yellow Yamaha that looked exactly like one M. owned! In another area there were two helmets under a Harley sign that were identical to the ones the ones that Captain Crunch and the Driver wore in the late '70's. (Those were the days of CB radios and our family also included the Bowler and the Operator.)
After we left Marquette we went north to find Coronado Heights. After some directions from me which weren't quite right, we ended up on dirt, gravel and dried muddy roads with deep tracks. So glad the Driver was driving.

We did see a large deer run across the road. No camera ready however.
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  1. That trip was the most hair-raising outing of my life....