Monday, June 14, 2010

Sad - but no pain

Ever since I first saw the sign go up on a local hamburger joint advertising a soda for $1.00, I have wanted to go. I love ice cream sodas and hadn't had one for years.

Just for something to do, we drove there and I ordered one of "your" chocolate ice cream sodas. The reply over the intercom?
"It's really like a coke or Pepsi." Okay. I ordered the burger and fries for L. Since they cook to order (!) we pulled ahead and waited. When the cute girl came out with the sack, I asked her if they make ice cream sodas here; thinking we could order it from her and just drive around again to the window. Her answer was, "Do you mean like a root beer float?" No. That's ok. So L. says I know they make them at Sonic. I didn't think so but held my tongue. At Sonic we read both sides of the menu - nothing but slushes and milk shakes and ice cream treats.
Is there anyplace in town that makes ice cream sodas? I think I'll try the only drugstore counter here and maybe Dairy Queen.
I could make my own if I had some carbonated water.
The strange thing to me is that nobody I know from Kansas calls carbonated drinks "soda."
I've heard "pop" all my life. Other parts of the country use "soda."
Times they are a changin' here in Kansas.

My choice on the sign would be about a 4 relating to sadness...
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