Friday, March 24, 2017

It's Been A While!

After a few weeks, I think my computer problems are solved. If there were some way to thank our computer guru, I would do it. Thank you doesn't seem adequate. He has spent hours figuring out why the computer was "nuts."

Now if I just had something interesting to blog about.

The most important thing is we are getting some rain. It is so dry here that the first week in March we had terrible prairie fires north of our town, losing twelve homes. In the southwestern part of the states many farmers lost all their cattle, fencing, buildings and some homes. Help has come from all around to fight the fires and now bales of feed for remaining stock is being trucked in from Missouri and other places.  Teens are volunteering to rebuild fences.

I hope the rain helps all those who were affected.


  1. Those fires sounded scary! I bet you have spring by now!! :)

    1. Not today (Sunday) It's 45 and cloudy and we are hoping for more rain (and mud!)