Thursday, March 6, 2014

Royal Gorge

Looking down from the bridge over the Royal Gorge can give you a funny feeling.

Speaking of feelings, we have warm ones for this morning's experience. As we turned into McDonald's to get L. a sausage McMuffin, I noticed there were no cars ahead of us at 9:30. After giving the order and turning the corner on the way to the Pay Window, we saw a small Toyota mini-van with an out of county tag in front of us. I heard the clerk tell the driver the amount was $1.08. That was odd - the same amound as our order. As I drove forward and handed the money to the clerk, she said, "The car ahead paid for your order." How nice! That is the second time that has happened to me this winter. What is amazing is we haven't gone out to get fast food that often because of the weather.  So lady from McPherson County, thanks so much! I waved but don't think you saw me because you didn't wave back. 
I plan to pay this forward. . . twice.


  1. That is the kind of positive action that makes me feel that there is still hope for us. that was so nice of the lady who did that. Nice of you to pay it forward also.

    1. At Wendy's today I planned to pay it forward. The car behind us had only two people. "What is the bill for that car?" I asked the girl at the window, figuring $10 would be my limit. "$77.59." Believe I'll try another day.

  2. What a kind, unexpected, gesture... I love stories like this.

  3. So, I calculated what you get for $77.59 on the Wendy's menu and it correlates to about 25 Lrg. Chocolate Frosty's which is the equivalent to 14,500 Calories... Whoa!