Monday, October 14, 2013

Bad Peaches

L. bought three beautiful peaches that looked like the one on the right.
Tonight I washed one and cut into it.
Not a pretty site.
They were all discolored and not something I would eat.
These were grown in the USA/EUA.
I would like to complain at the new Market Place but probably won't.
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  1. I had peaches like that last year. This year I was hesitant about buying peaches, but I did anyway. They were the best peaches that we've ever had. I took a couple back last year...maybe you should too. The store wants to know so they don't buy from that seller again.

  2. You're right! Our store here says (in the past) don't bring anything in, just tell us and we'll refund. Maybe they don't want other customers to see the return. . .