Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life's Little Problems

What could be worse than having a pipe leaking in the crawl space under your home?
A pipe leaking in a basement under your home.
We usually regret that we don't have a basement, but not yesterday. L. heard water running in the morning. We called our friendly plumber and turned off the water.  He came out late in the day and put a pump in the crawl space.

There was a trip to the store to buy bottled drinking water and some attempts to fill empty gallon jugs with our well water. I wonder if there is any way to manage the strong outflow from that well! We  used well water to flush...

Today Steve and a helper replaced the pipe that had a pin point hole. After twenty-four hours with no running water, we are back to normal. A check with the insurance company - unless something was damaged, there is no coverage for replacing a pipe.  A thought:  the pipe was damaged.

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