Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sheets and Quilts and Dresser Scarves - Oh My!

I watched some episodes of Hoarders Friday night.
Suddenly I thought of this closet shelf in our "guest" bedroom.   Extra sheets, some quilts that were
 removed from their quilt rack display in order to avoid puppy teeth a year and a half ago and some dresser scarves.

Does anybody use or even know what dresser scarves are today?

I will tackle this later today. I have already cleared some junk off a table and rearranged some shelves above the computer. 

I do like things tidy but sometimes clutter sneaks up on one.
I checked the fridge and there were no cats there so we're ahead on that score.
Posted by PicasaA slight improvement. At least I know what is up there now.

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