Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As we were eating lunch near the sliding glass door that goes out to the screened in back porch, I saw a smiling man walk toward the south side of our back yard.

This was quite a surprise since we have all the gates locked. He waved and I automatically waved back! We had a request in to our cable/phone company to come out today to staple up a phone line that was hanging loose. HOWEVER, when the request was made, the clerk asked if there was a dog in the yard. I replied we would bring him in because she assured me they would call before they came out.

No call - so that was the reason for the surprise.   How did he get in? A handy-dandy step ladder he had on his truck let him climb up and jump down into the yard. A hint for burglars - carry your own ladder. ( I believe that's what the kidnapper of the Lindbergh baby did.)
L. grabbed the watch dog, Mork, before he could exit the doggy door. It was just dumb luck that the dog wasn't in the yard. I don't think he would bite, but he makes a lot of noise. He barks when I walk down the hall toward the bedroom where he and L. are watching television. I keep telling him that I live here but he's "en garde!"

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  1. I'm pretty sure he believes himself to be a pitbull or possibly some breed of German Shepard. Not too sure where he picked it up, but I never had the heart to reveal his SMS and tell him he was slightly larger than a shitzu.