Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stamey/Landmark Hotel

In this town they have a record of changing the names of buildings that I grew up looking at.....

This was the Stamey hotel. On the main floor there was a drug store with a soda fountain and at the back was a pharmacy. As I remember it was raised from the main level and there was a window there with a half circle cut into the glass. Sometimes when we went in there would be a small lamb sitting half-way out. At other times it would be gone. The story told to me by other knowledgeable people was that if the lamb was out, you could get liquor from the bellboys. Those were the days of the dry state of Kansas. I have no personal experience with this theory because I was in junior high school. In the late '40's the vote was taken and we had liquor stores but no bars. I believe there were also private clubs where you had to BYOB. Other interesting laws stated the establishment had to have a certain percentage of their sales in food. . . a higher percent than the sales of demon rum. I don't think any of these laws did what they were intended to do - stop people from drinking!
Now this building is known as The Landmark Apartments. Rating unknown to me but I don't think it's four star.
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