Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Waiting for Water

The pitcher with the charcoal filter. . .I actually remember when we just turned on the faucet and got a drink.

Now we have to pour water into the container, wait for it to dribble down through the filter, refrigerate pitcher, watch for the indicator to tell when to replace said filter - what ridiculous things we do when the water coming from the tap is perfectly fine.
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  1. Well the other weekend whenever I was in College Station I drank some of the tap water there and it was AWFUL. I would have waited on 30 Brita's to fill up with water before I would drink that water ever again. It may have just been that part of Texas but Hutchinson water was WAAAYYY better than that tap water.

  2. It looks like a tiny toilet, which makes me REALLY want to drink water out of it....