Sunday, December 20, 2009

News from the past

I found some old recipes from the local newspaper, while going through a cook book. These clippings are yellowed and age unknown. Suddenly there was a picture of screen actor Jeff Chandler with the lines underneath saying he was also a popular radio star. "He plays Philip Boynton, bashful school-teacher boyfriend of Eve Arden on the 'Our Miss Brooks' radio show.
The rugged actor was born in Brooklyn 32 years ago."

A quick check of told me he was born in 1918. This clipping was from 1950!

I turned it over to see if an ad might be on the back with the price of an article from that era of the Stone Age. No, but this was the news item:

Now Greater Diversity in Lightweight Girdles

According to the manufacturers this new season sees greater diversity in lightweight girdles and panty girdles for different heights and hip developments.

The tall girl, who finds the usual 14 or 15-inch junior garment too short for her needs, the short-waisted woman, and the full hip figure are all taken care of by the extended size range.

Important, too, are the junior-type foundations in larger sizes for the young girl who does not want to wear a matronly girdle.

I have memories of a rubber Playtex "foundation" I wore a few years later. Who knew that working in a department store without air conditioning, wearing one of these girdles would cause excessive sweating with water traveling down the legs? It came off at lunch time.

I think the 1960's started the time of just letting it all hang out.

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