Sunday, November 1, 2009

This picture of the flag of the state of Kansas shows what most of the rest of the country think of our state...backward. Most of us who live here love the flatness, mostly quiet times and easy, friendly ways. There are things some of us don't like; the state ruling about trying to put creation "science" in the class room and the so-called minister from Topeka who embarrasses us every time he's in the news.

I read a critique of the state flags that said ours was too busy. Here is a description from the internet:

"On a navy blue field is a sunflower, the state flower. Also, the state seal and the words "Kansas". In the picture of the state seal are thirty-four stars representing the order of statehood. Above the stars is the motto "To the Stars Through Difficulties". On the seal a sunrise overshadows a farmer plowing a field near his log cabin, a steamboat sailing the Kansas River, a wagontrain heading west and Native Americans hunting bison."
That is a lot to absorb but whoever designed it wanted to include all that stuff. It doesn't even mention the fighting before and during the Civil War....we weren't called Bleeding Kansas for nothing.
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